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Today’s lifestyle has developed significantly through the advance science and technology. But side by side, the number dangerous diseases just like Cancer, Brain Tumor, Heart Attack, Blood Pressure, impotence (Sexually disorder), Diabetic and many more serious diseases are increasing. We still have a lot of difficult issues that go unsolved despite these advances.
Factors that increase the ratio of diseases:
1. Environmental Pollution: As for the environmental factors for diseases, we can consider the expansion of water and environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation emitted from electrical appliances, as well as ultraviolet rays, these factors cause a decrease in the negative ions in the air. This leads to further acidification and oxidization of living organisms.
2. Lifestyle & Diet: In today’s busy lifestyle we can’t do those activities which can keep our body fit and fine. Regular intake of chemical extracted foods & water, spices and junk foods and we have no time to do exercise, irregular timing of eating and sleeping activities etc. These activities cause our cells unhealthy and unbalance of our body system.
3. Radiation: For simplify our life we are living surrounding of Mobile, Mobile Tower, Electric Tower, Microwave oven, Computer, X-Ray, Xerox and many more electrical and electronic appliances are reflecting very dangerous radiation. By Radiation effect positive ions are increasing in our body and it causes damage our cells. According to WHO, JNU and Indian council of medical research radiation helps to create Brain tumor, Cancer, Heart attack, Impotence, and many more serious diseases just like slow and silent killer.
If u want to get brief idea about root level cause of illness and difference between Positive Ion and Negative Ion then


We need to restore health to a state strong enough to block every disease or virus infection with the Natural healing power and immunity originally given to us by nature. This is why preventive medicine is worth our attention as one of the most important medical sciences.

There are some Products of advance science provided by BHP SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. can support you to improve the Natural Healing power. You can improve the Natural Healing capacity of your body by these Products. There are some products (Food Supplements) that can help you to maintain the Nutritional unbalances and some products (Bio Energy Products) that can help you to balance the Ionic unbalances and some can help you to detoxify your body.

A great researcher once said that there’s only one disease known to mankind, though it has a thousand names. It’s the disease of “too many toxins in the body and too few nutrients reaching the cells”. The ratio of Positive Ions is increasing in our body because of Radiation, Pollution, and imbalance diet. This leads to create ionic imbalance in our body which makes unhealthy our cells. Positive ions drain our energy but Negative ions support to make healthy our cell. By using BHP Bio Energy products we can increase the ratio of Negative Ions in our body and it can be called as “Electron-reducing treatment”
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