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In Corporate Under the Company Act 1956 Since September 2009 vide regd. No. U31900OR2009PTC011166 of 2009-10 of ROC Orissa. A simple change in buying habits can change your life. On purchase of a product from our product gallery you get a free (Membership). So enjoy your life with Bhp Solutions... Thank you very much...
Why Should I join BHP ?
1. First Time in India Genuine. Innovative special power Through MLM plan.
2. First ISO 9001, 2008 Certified MLM Company in State of Odisha.
3. Excellent Quality products, Breaking price Barriers among All MLM Companies & scope for marketing on new Research products.
4. Low Investment of time &money. Effort And high Income, recognisation and rewards which can create a life of Health,wealth & happiness.
5. The Board of Directors includes Topnotch professional management consultant and Luminaries.
6. Simple, Practical, Suitable Plan.
7. Highest Payment in joining Plan & Repurchase Plan.
8. Training Programme of Products, Building Business Techniques Personality Development, on online Education system.
              REPURCHASE PLAN

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